Useful Phrases for a Good Presentation

This is a list of useful phrases you may need to give a good presentation. The sentences and phrases below follow the logical progression of a well-balanced presentation. If you are American, this article may not necessary. But if you are not, this will be helpful. Let start to know how to make a good presentation with phrase.

Useful phrase for starting a presentation

attention to make a good presentation


Get people’s attention

-          If I could have everybody’s attention please.
-          Attention, please!
-          Ladies and gentleman, can I have your attention?


Introducing topic

-          Good morning/ afternoon. I’m….from…
-          What I like to present today is …
-          Today’s topic is…
-          Today I’m going to talk about…

Saying why your topic is relevant for your audience

-          Today’s topic is of particular interest to those of you / us who …
-          My topic is / will be very important for you because …
-          By the end of this talk you will be familiar with …

Introduce your purpose


Stating your purpose

-          The purpose / objective / aim of this presentation is to …
-          During the next few hours we’ll be … is to …
-          Our goal is to determine how / the best way to …


-          I’ve divided my presentation into three (main) parts.
-          In my presentation I’ll focus on three major issues.
-          Let me start by giving a brief outline of my talk….


-          First I’d like to talk about…
-          Then I’ll discuss…
-          I’ll briefly touch on…
-          Finally I’d like to look at…

timing in presentation



-          My presentation will last for about…minutes
-          This won’t take more than…minutes


-          Please feel free to ask questions as we go along.
-          I’ll be happy to answer questions at the end of the talk.


Next, phrase for your main part of presentation

Saying what is coming

-          In this part of my presentation, I’d like to talk about …
-          What I want to tell you guys is….

using chart in presentation

Chart & Diagram

Using charts and diagrams

-          As you can see from the diagram…
-          This slide shows…
-          The next chart clearly shows…
-          If you look at this graph, you can see that…
-          This diagram clarifies/ implies…
-          From this we can understand why…

Moving between points

-          Now, I’d like to move on to my next point.
-          Moving on to the next point…
-          I’ll return to this in more detail later.
-          The next question to consider is…
-          Turning now to my next point…

Making conclusion

Indicating the end of your presentation

-          I hope that my presentation today will help you get a general view about what I said at the beginning.
-          That brings me to the end of my presentation.
-          To sum up/ to conclude…

Giving the summary

-          I don’t have lots of time left so I’m going to summarize the next few points.
-          I’d like to quickly recap the main points of my presentation.

Dealing with questions

-          That brings me to the end of my presentation. Thank you for your attention. I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.
-          Could you repeat your questions please?
-          I’m not quite sure what you mean by…
-          Thanks for your interesting questions.  What I mean at this point is…
-          I think it would be better if we discussed that after the section.


After answering questions, check if the questioner is satisfied:

-          Does this answer your question?
-          I hope this answer can clarify for what you want to ask.

Closing question time:

-          I know that there are still many questions to ask but I’m afraid that we are running out of time.
-          I’m afraid that’s all we have time for.


-          Right, if nobody wants to ask anything else, I think we can finish here. Thank you!
-          I’d like to say thanks for your participation/ attention during my presentation.
-          Thank you for your listening!

*** When things go wrong:

If you get your facts wrong:
Sorry, what I mean is this…

If you are going too fast:
Let me just recap on that.

If you say something that makes it hard for the audience to understand:
Let me just say it in another way.

If you forgot to make a point:
If I can just go back to the previous point, there’s something I forgot to mention.

If you cannot remember the term in English:
Sorry, my mind has gone blank, how do you say ‘…’ in English?

If you get an unrelated questions to your presentation:
Sorry but I don’t see the connection here.

If someone interrupts you:
Sorry, could I just finish? I’ll return to you later.

Preparation is essential for an effective presentation. When giving a presentation, those certain keywords are used to signpost the different stages. It’s a good idea to memorize them and practice them so that they come to your mind easily during a presentation.

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