How to Make a Good Presentation with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used in presentation for a very long time. However, many people still don’t know how to make a good presentation with this tool. They may not know all amazing functions that PowerPoint has or they knew but not how to combine them together to create wonderful slides.

How powerful PowerPoint is?

Do you feel familiar with this presentation…

This is the sample PowerPoint when you install Microsoft Office 2007. If you don’t know this presentation, try to find the file “FiveRules” in folder “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033″ or in another drive, depend on where you installed Microsoft Office. If you can’t find it, just click on the image title for download. The first time I saw the slides, I had nothing to say but “WOW!” The effects which are used in these slides are so good that I thought the maker must utilize lots of help from other tools so as to make the presentation look amazing like that!

Years of making presentation with PowerPoint, I realized that I was wrong. We can make almost everything in that presentation. If you make these slides with PowerPoint 2007, you may need some help from other tools like Photoshop (PTS) to adjust picture. But once you have PowerPoint 2010, it means you have all the functions you need. PowerPoint 2010 has tools to help you fix picture, change tone of color, remove background…those are very useful. They may not as good as PTS but enough for a presentation. Plus, it’s much easy to use than PTS.

Which version do these PowerPoint tips base on?

Actually, I’m more familiar with PowerPoint 2010 so I will present most PowerPoint tips using this version. And trust me, you have all that you need for a nice presentation with it. The 2013 version is still so new, so I may present it in the future if it has some more amazing functions.
In compare with older versions, 2007 and 2003, PowerPoint 2010 has more useful functions, as I listed above. Therefore, I suggest using PowerPoint 2010 for best experiences.

How to make a good presentation with PowerPoint?

There are lots of stuffs to make a great presentation. However, 20% of basic elements make 80% success of your presentation. Make it simple and visual, it’s the key. The role of PowerPoint in a presentation is to illustrate what you are speaking, making it clearly and lively, for instance. You can use pictures, icons, animation,…to help your audiences be interested in your presentation, but still, you need to keep it simple enough so that they can focus on your speaking, not your slide! So, make sure you spend time on prepare your presentation.

The great presentation is the combination of speaking and illustration. You can’t present well if you have wonderful slides while speaking with nervous. And conversely, it’s hard to help the listener understand your speaking with a poor visual PowerPoint.

These two principals are basically simple and effective. However, sometimes, it’s hard to follow. You may have to make a presentation that covers a lot of infomation that you don’t know how to filter it. That’s when you need handout. Write down all the numbers and text in the handout, but just put your main points in PowerPoint slides. Of course, your handout should be friendly to reader, too. Don’t put everything but neccessary stuffs only.

There are more other tips to help you make a good presentation with PowerPoint. I know some, thanks to my own experiences, books and experts’ speaking. I will write them in other posts later. By the way, I know ‘simple and visual’ are too general words. So for more details, in other articles, I will try to use some examples to illustrate them.

To summarize…

  • PowerPoint is a wonderful tool if you know how to combine all its functions together.
  • Just keep in mind “simple and visual” when making slides.
  • And one more thing, tools (add on that need to be downloaded) and PowerPoint templates help boosting your process of making presentation. In details, I will post later.

PowerPoint is not so hard actually. You can make amazing slides like an expert if you know their treats. Read other posts to know more about how to make a good presentation with PowerPoint!


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