PowerPoint Tips – Flying Object Animation

When I was a child, I used to like cartoon a lots. They are funny and make me laugh all day. Now, when I grow up, I …still like cartoon. I think that cartoon is not for children only anymore. Many Pixar’s movies like Wall-e, Up… are so cool! If you have ever watched these movies, I think you will like them, too. Maybe I am childish, but maybe I am just still looking for fun things in my life. It is hard to make a mystery thing in movie like magic but it is extremely easy in cartoon. It let our imagination rise.

When making PowerPoint, I want to put my imagination in the slides, too. A presentation is a show of mine, and I want to show to my audiences what is in my mind. Sometime, our question is not about how to make a good presentation, but just simply how to illustrate your idea to listeners. PowerPoint sure can help you.

Flying Object Animation – is it possible?

Making thing fly in PowerPoint is easy. But we may need to combine some animations to make them look like real. It is not simple as move an object from ground to upper. I need more tricks to make them really interesting.

PowerPoint tips

Let look at my animation in the picture.
What I want is a spaceship start lauching from the ground.
What I can find on the Internet is a spaceship is flying.
Is it possible to implement the idea?

Here is what I did:

Tricks and tips

Remove flame from the rocket

For most of pictures I found on the Internet, I like this rocket most. However, it is a flying rocket. So I use Remove Backgrounds from Picture Tools tab (the tab will appear when you choose a picture). Using this tool is quite easy. You just have to drag through the area to remove or keep, just like what I did in the video. After doing this, you would have a new version of rocket that has no flame.

Powerpoint tips animation

Make the Rocket launch

It’s a little tricky here. You cover the original one cover exactly  the new version of rocket you make from the above step. Then add the Wipe animation for the original one. Because two rockets are simmilar, when the original rocket appear cover the first one, people can’t notice that there are 2 rocket. All people would see is a flame wipe out frome the rocket.

Set a flying path for the rocket

We using a simple animation from PowerPoint – Arcs. Applying this one for the rocket, adjust the path to outside the slide to make the rocket fly away from the view.

PowerPoint tips

This PowerPoint tip is a little more time comsumming than the previous ones. However, we know that we can make a lot of animations we like just from simple defaufl animation. I just show the idea for the animation. You can find more detailed tips in older posts. How to make a good presentation with this tips? It’s up to you. You can apply this to any flying object, just adjust the flying path.

So, good luck to your presentation!

PowerPoint tips – Object Fall Animation

Animation is one of the main reason make PowerPoint popular. Using animation makes your presentation more attractive, but only when you use it right. Overusing animation make the PowerPoint confusing. Using the basic animations in PowerPoint make audiences get bored because they saw them hundreds of times. One solution for this problem is using a new animation! So, how to make a good presentation with animation in your slides? The answer is a combination of basic animations to get a new one. I will show you a PowerPoint tip to make a new animation – Object Fall Animation.

What is Object fall?

Object Fall Animation is animation that makes a set of object fall apart and making a mess! It is effective when you want to talk about many options lead to the confusing of people; a lot of choices but none of them is ok… 

How to make a good presentation with Object Fall Animation

For example: the above picture is from my slides. I want to talk about the confusion of a student when he decides to choose a career. First, I want to show my audiences the variety of career so I let names of the job appear one by one. The delays between each appearance get smaller each time so I can make my listeners feel the overload of many career choices. Then, I stop for a little bit, end with an open question and all objects fall down at the same time. Just watch the video below for better illustration (at the end).

Let your listener hear and see the falling, they will understand you better. Speech can do it but if you combine with animation, they will become much better. Communicate with your audience by all of their senses!

How to make a good Object fall in presentation?

As usual, I create a video for you to show how to do object fall.

You can read the instruction below for better explanations, I will tell you how to make one object fall, just repeat these step for the other:

  1. Choose the object, choose Animations tab/ Add Animation/ Custom Path. Draw the moving path from the object down like an ‘L’ shape.
    Explain: You may wonder why ‘L’ but not just simple ‘I’. The reason is when something falls down; it’s usually hit the ground and bounce away. Just make it a little natural.
  2. Choose the object again, choose Animations tab/ Add Animation/ Spin.
    Explain: You can see the animation show already in the Animations tab, but DON’T choose from these. When you choose an animation from these, it will replace the previous animation. We want to have both animations so we must choose Add Animation.
  3. Open Animation pane by click Animation Pane in Animations tab.
  4. In Animation Pane, right click spin animation (have the yellow star next by), choose Effect Options… a Spintool box will appear:
    • In Effect tab, choose a custom Amount about 30o. Choose Clockwise or Counter Clockwise, it’s up to your intension.
    • Set Smooth start for about 0.1 seconds. It’ll make the falling more natural.
    • Choose ok to close tool box.
  5. Choose each animation in Animation Pane, reduce their duration by decrease Duration number in Animations tab. (You can change this number in Effect Options tool box, Timing tab)
  6. Right click the Spin animation in Animation Pane again, choose Start With Previous.
    Explain: we want to have both animations at the same time, falling and spinning for a natural fall.
  7. Done! Repeat these steps for other objects.

Making this animation is a little time-consuming. However, if you want to get attention from your audiences, it’s worthy. This tip can apply for other situations.  In a PowerPoint I mentioned earlier for example. The author used this animation for a beautiful illustration.

How to make a good presentation with Object Fall Animation

This one is even more complicated and may need some help from other tools (to make the fragments). But it’s a good one, right?

Using this tip with other PowerPoint tips, you will create an unforgettable slide show. I’m always here to help you know how to make a good presentation. Leave your comments, questions or anything here. I will answer as soon as possible.


PowerPoint tips – Object Glow Animation

In a presentation, there are lots of cases that we need to emphasize a specific object. PowerPoint provides you with some animation to do this, ‘change color’, ‘spin’ for example. However, these things are not really natural and it can make our audiences get bored because they saw these many times before. This time, I’d like to introduce to you a new way of emphasizing object – Object Glow Animation.

What is Object Glow Animation?

Similar to Blur Contents Animtation tips, this animation helps you make the main object glow from its original shape.

Presentation with Glow Object Animation

However, Object-Glow animation has one advantage over Blur-Contents. It’s shows the transition from common state to attracting state. This is useful when you want to talk about the development of something.

For example, in your speaking, you want to talk about Edison! He tried a lot of experiments and failed about 10,000 of them. But at last, the using of Wolfram made him succeed. If you just use verbal language and body language, these ways may not fully deliver your idea. With object glow, you can first show some failing experiment of Edison. These don’t make the bulb change. Until Wolfram appears, the bulb glows look like it is turned on. Simple, natural but effective!

How to make a good Object Glow animation in a presentation?

This video will show you how to make Object glow. I use PowerPoint 2010 but older version has functions in video to make Object glow, too.

Here is the script on how to make blur contents in case you can’t watch the video above:
In your contents slide,

  1. Make a copy of original object (duplicate it). Now, you have two objects the same.
  2. Choose one object (I will call it ‘glowed-object’), in Format tab, choose Picture Effects/ Glow
  3. A list of glow types appear, you can choose one. But if these don’t satisfy you. Choose Glow Options… for more. A Format Picturetool box will appear:
    • In Glow and Soft Edges tab, adjust Presets, Color, Transparency and so on.
    • Tips: Transparency makes your glow more natural. Increase it make the glow look like lighting. However, don’t make it so transparent or the audience won’t realize the change.
  4. Choose glowed-object, make it on top by Right click/Bring to Front.
  5. Put the other object in its right place, and then use the glowed-object cover exactly over it.
  6. Choose the glowed-object, in Animations tab, choose Fade. Done!

Here is the explanation of this trick. You make 2 objects. First one is normal and the second one is glowed. The second cover the first completely. In the slide show, you first show the first one, and then make the second one appear slowly and cover the first. However, what your audience sees is the normal object become glowing! It’s because 2 objects are the same, same shape, same color, so when the second one fades in, they can’t notice but the glowed border. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Read the other tips and combine them together, you will know how to make a good presentation with this lovely tool. Good luck with your PowerPoint!

PowerPoint Tips – Blur Contents Animation

In a presentation, as an audience, have you ever dealt with a situation that u tried hard but couldn’t follow what exactly the speaker was speaking? I was in that situation many times since my classmates in college presented their presentations. Not all, but many of them.  It usually happened when the topic was pretty long and a little hard to understand (or just sleepy). However, a good presentation must show to the audience what the speaker is talking. One solution to this issue is using blur-contents.

What is Blur Contents Animation ?

PowerPoint tips - blur contents

Blur contents is an animation that make a part of contents blurred. When speaking, it’s important to show the contents each time you move on to a new part. The key to keep your audience follow your speaking is show them clearly what you will talk next. By making the other subtopic blurred, you let your listener see the progress of your speaking.

How to make good Blur Contents Animation in a presentation?

It’s quite simple. I created a video to show you how to do this, just one minute! I did this with PowerPoint 2010 but you can find similar function in version 2007.

Here is the script on how to make blur contents in case you can’t watch the video above:

In your contents slide,

  1. Choose Insert tab/ Shape. Choose a shape (like a rectangle).
  2. Create a rectangle cover all your contents by drag mouse over it.
  3. Right click the rectangle. Choose Format Shape… A Format shapetool box will appear.
    • In Fill, Choose white (Other color would make it hard for blur contents because people will notice your blurred area).
    • Set Transparency about 20%.
    • In Line Color, stick No line. Close.
  4. Choose a part of contents that you want to emphasize, right click/ Bring to front (You may need to move the rectangle out a bit to choose the contents behind it).
    I.e. you make the necessary part of contents on top, over the rectangle and the rectangle over the rest of your contents.
  5. Choose the rectangle, choose Animation tab/ Fade. Done!

You can use this trick to emphasize other objects. The scenario here is first show off everything; blur the others but not your main object. Therefore, the important object can be used to emphasize. There are still some more animation tricks that can use to emphasize, click here for more PowerPoint tips. Knowing these tips will make your slide professional and the presentation will surprise your audience!

How to Make a Good Presentation with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used in presentation for a very long time. However, many people still don’t know how to make a good presentation with this tool. They may not know all amazing functions that PowerPoint has or they knew but not how to combine them together to create wonderful slides.

How powerful PowerPoint is?

Do you feel familiar with this presentation…

This is the sample PowerPoint when you install Microsoft Office 2007. If you don’t know this presentation, try to find the file “FiveRules” in folder “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033″ or in another drive, depend on where you installed Microsoft Office. If you can’t find it, just click on the image title for download. The first time I saw the slides, I had nothing to say but “WOW!” The effects which are used in these slides are so good that I thought the maker must utilize lots of help from other tools so as to make the presentation look amazing like that!

Years of making presentation with PowerPoint, I realized that I was wrong. We can make almost everything in that presentation. If you make these slides with PowerPoint 2007, you may need some help from other tools like Photoshop (PTS) to adjust picture. But once you have PowerPoint 2010, it means you have all the functions you need. PowerPoint 2010 has tools to help you fix picture, change tone of color, remove background…those are very useful. They may not as good as PTS but enough for a presentation. Plus, it’s much easy to use than PTS.

Which version do these PowerPoint tips base on?

Actually, I’m more familiar with PowerPoint 2010 so I will present most PowerPoint tips using this version. And trust me, you have all that you need for a nice presentation with it. The 2013 version is still so new, so I may present it in the future if it has some more amazing functions.
In compare with older versions, 2007 and 2003, PowerPoint 2010 has more useful functions, as I listed above. Therefore, I suggest using PowerPoint 2010 for best experiences.

How to make a good presentation with PowerPoint?

There are lots of stuffs to make a great presentation. However, 20% of basic elements make 80% success of your presentation. Make it simple and visual, it’s the key. The role of PowerPoint in a presentation is to illustrate what you are speaking, making it clearly and lively, for instance. You can use pictures, icons, animation,…to help your audiences be interested in your presentation, but still, you need to keep it simple enough so that they can focus on your speaking, not your slide! So, make sure you spend time on prepare your presentation.

The great presentation is the combination of speaking and illustration. You can’t present well if you have wonderful slides while speaking with nervous. And conversely, it’s hard to help the listener understand your speaking with a poor visual PowerPoint.

These two principals are basically simple and effective. However, sometimes, it’s hard to follow. You may have to make a presentation that covers a lot of infomation that you don’t know how to filter it. That’s when you need handout. Write down all the numbers and text in the handout, but just put your main points in PowerPoint slides. Of course, your handout should be friendly to reader, too. Don’t put everything but neccessary stuffs only.

There are more other tips to help you make a good presentation with PowerPoint. I know some, thanks to my own experiences, books and experts’ speaking. I will write them in other posts later. By the way, I know ‘simple and visual’ are too general words. So for more details, in other articles, I will try to use some examples to illustrate them.

To summarize…

  • PowerPoint is a wonderful tool if you know how to combine all its functions together.
  • Just keep in mind “simple and visual” when making slides.
  • And one more thing, tools (add on that need to be downloaded) and PowerPoint templates help boosting your process of making presentation. In details, I will post later.

PowerPoint is not so hard actually. You can make amazing slides like an expert if you know their treats. Read other posts to know more about how to make a good presentation with PowerPoint!